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No, not those gems, ruby gems. Come on, you really think I would be able to speak about jewels? I wanted to go over the gems I am using in my project. They are nothing special but sometimes it's nice to know what is being used.

gem 'ahoy_matey'
gem 'authtrail'
gem 'blind_index'
gem 'devise'
gem 'devise_invitable'
gem 'devise_masquerade'
gem 'flipper'
gem 'flipper-redis'
gem 'flipper-ui'
gem 'friendly_id'
gem 'lockbox'
gem 'name_of_person'
gem 'paper_trail'
gem 'paper_trail-association_tracking'
gem 'prosopite'
gem 'pundit'
gem 'rack-attack'
gem 'rolify'
gem 'slim-rails'
gem 'turbo-rails'
gem 'view_component', require: 'view_component/engine'


Ahoy is used to collect analytic data similar to Google without sending the data to a third party and keeping it in your database.


Authtrail ties into your authentication system and tracks every time someone signs in or fails to so you have a record to use for verification.

Blind Index

Allows you to index and search encrypted columns in your database easily.


Adds authentication to your application easily. Originally developed by Plataformatec in Brazil it was spun off when they were bought. Based on warden Devise is probably the most popular authentication gem for rails and other rack based apps.

Devise Invitable

Adds the ability to invite users to your application through devise.

Devise Masquerade

As an admin how nice is it to be able to see the same thing as your users? This gem gives you the ability to look at your app as any user.


Flipper is used to enable and disable features in your application so you can restrict or roll out features to a select group of users.

Flipper Redis

Stores flipper data in a redis store

Flipper UI

Provides a UI for flipper

Friendly ID

Allows the usage of slugs for models so instead of /users/1 you can have /users/harry-houdini


Encrypts different fields for your db in rails

Name of Person

Adds some convenience methods to your model that deal with names

Paper Trail

Tracks changes to your database do you have a record of changes to any data and can revert if necessary.


Scans your queries for any N+1 issues


Authorization gem for your application.

Rack Attack

Adds functionality to block or throttle requests for rack based applications


Simple roles for your users

Slim Rails

Adds the slim template language as an option in rails


The new hotness Turbo as part of the Hotwire HTML over the wire experience

View Component

Makes it easier to split your pages into different components

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